We expect Hawick High School pupils to come to school dressed in the full school uniform. Hawick High School’s strong tradition of uniform has prompted many positive comments from visitors and members of the local community. It gives our young people a sense of pride, of community and purpose. A school uniform is also a social leveller. We would like to thank the parents and pupils for the genuine efforts they make to ensure such a high standard. If a pupil is unable to wear the recommended uniform on a particular day, parents should send a note or phone to explain the reasons.

The uniform is as follows:
Shirt plain white
Trousers black (no denims, combats, cargo pants 3/4 length trousers)
Skirt black
Jersey black, long sleeves, v-neck (no hoods)
Cardigan black
School Tie specific year group colour & traditional position at the collar
Tights (girls) black (no leggings)
Shoes or boots plain black
Coat/jacket dark colour

Please also note that any pupil with footwear which is flimsy, unstable or exposes large areas of the foot will not be allowed to enter the Technical workshops for reasons of Health & Safety.

The following items are not acceptable as school dress: denim, leather, cord, club football jerseys (PE), hooded or zipper tops, any garment with football colours and/or logos.

Pupils must not wear P.E kit during normal lessons.

School ties are available from the School Office [Price: £6.00 (S1-S3); £6.00 (S4/S5); £4.00 (S6) ]