Students from this school took part in the BBC News School Report on Thursday 10 March 2016. The group covered all the days news as well as creating their very own news bulletin which can be watched here.

Active School Award

On Tuesday 17th of March Bonnie and Zak went to the Scottish Borders council to collect the active school award. This is the 4th year running that Hawick High School has won. The hands up survey is how they judged the schools. The way the hands up survey works is an adult asks whether the class walks, if they do then they put there hands up then the adults ask about other means of travel then the children would do the same again. The awards are to help promote active journeys to school.

Six Nations

In the six nations this Saturday four teams are in with a chance of lifting this years six nations nations title.
England, Ireland and Wales all are on six points but are separated on points difference but France are on four points and have an outside chance if results go in there favour.
This weekend France visit England,
Italy host Wales, while  Ireland travel to Edinburgh to face Scotland.

The Budget

The government is elected to run the country every four years. The leader of the government is the prime minister David Cameron. The second most important person in the government is the chancellor of the exchequer George Osborn.

Every year the chancellor reveals how the government will raise and spend the countries taxes. Taxes pay for everything in the country: from schools to roads and from hospitals to street lights. The budget has been released and shows that Mr Osborne is planning on speeding up network and broadband connections.

There hasn’t been any mention of young people in any of the newspaper reports or on the Internet. This is clearly not a budget for young people. There is, however, a lot about pensions – so we think they’re trying to appeal to the older vote. After speaking to the general public one thing that we have found is that a lot of young people don’t know anything about the budget.

iPads in Schools

IPads can make learning engaging and memorable. However they can also be expensive and for, some people, hard to use. The one to one iPad project is a project to eventually get every pupil an iPad to use for different subjects and also to take home.

There have been mixed opinions about if this project is a good idea. We interviewed teachers and pupils to see what their opinion are. We interviewed 10 pupils and 5 teachers, out of the pupils 9 of them thought that it would be a good idea for every pupil to have an iPad. The teachers had more of a mix of answers as 2 of them said that iPads would be a good idea, 2 said that they didn’t think it was a good idea and 1 person was undecided.

We chosen to interview teachers from a variety of subjects to see how having an iPad would effect how pupils learn in that subject. The science teacher that we interviewed said that they thought that an iPad wouldn’t be much use as you need to draw a lot of diagrams in science. The social teacher thought that the iPads would be useful for maps in geography, they are faster, you can use them for research in history and they have more update information for modern studies especially.

We interviewed two English teachers that both had different opinions. One teacher said it was a very good idea as it would save money as they wouldn’t have to buy lots of books and also they wouldn’t have to rely on booking computer rooms. However the other teacher thought that it wasn’t a very good idea as pupils would just press spell check instead of learning how to spell the word and also you can get easily distracted on an iPad. The music teacher that we interviewed was undecided. She said that they hadn’t had a chance to see if the iPads helped during classes.

Fireworks Disposal Shock

On Monday, the Midland Police Department, Texas disposed of 10 tonnes of illegal fireworks confiscated mainly last year. The operation was performed during the day as not to attract unwanted attention from the public thinking it was a night time firework display.

The fireworks were ordered to be disposed of by the court, so they could not be donated to firework displays, though the majority of the fireworks came from last years ‘Fourth of July’ celebrations. It also served as training for their bomb squad and pyrotechnics who controlled the explosion, however not everything went to plan as the vast array of explosions took three and a half days to finish.

Selkirk Lady Passes Away

At 7:20 am on Wednesday 18th March, Ade Murray was found in Selkirk with fatal burn injuries. The woman was found on Hillside Terrace, near the entrance of Tait’s Hill. The police, fire service and paramedics came to the scene and the 28 year old was taken to the Borders General Hospital in Melrose however sadly was announced dead by Police Scotland. The crime scene was located outside of the the main entrance of Selkirk High School resulting in the A7 road being closed for most of Wednesday. Pupils were met by the police investigation when they got to school. No staff or pupils were involved, according to local council. Forensic experts and the Criminal Investigation Department have been assessing the scene.

Tour Of Britain

The Tour of Britain will come through the Borders again this year. For the first time, the tour will be to Scotland on two different days. On September 8th, stage three of the tour of Britain will be passing through Newcastleton, Hawick, Selkirk, Tweedbank, Melrose, St. Boswells, Kelso and then finishing at Floors Castle. Stage four starts the next day in Edinburgh. The stage passes through Edinburgh city centre, parts of East Lothian, Duns, Coldstream and into Northumberland. Top cyclists including Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish are expected to turn up this year. More info, including stage maps, will be announced in Summer along with details of the teams competing.

Solar Eclipse set to hit UK

On the 20th of March 2015 there is going to be a solar eclipse affecting most of Europe, starting at 8:45am and last a couple of hours. A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves directly between the sun and the Earth.

It is unusual because the Sun, Moon and Earth all have to perfectly align to create a total eclipse. The total eclipse is only set to last for 2 minutes and 45 seconds however is is still going to challenge the UK’s power supply’s. This will happen because many people now use solar panels and it is expected that the power from them could drop as much as 75% during the solar eclipse.

Eye experts have also warned that you should not look directly at the the eclipse or take a picture of it using a smart phone as it will damage your eyes. To be safe you shouldn’t use sunglasses as they provide no protection from the eclipse. You would be safer using a cheap homemade device such as a pin hole projector.


HHN Team interview First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for the BBC

The Hawick High News Team recently visited the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, to interview Scotland’s first female First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The interview took place on Wednesday 4th March and was filmed by the BBC as part of their national General Election coverage. The interview will air on television from Thursday 19th March 2015.

Here is the moment when the news team meet the First Minister:

More photos from the day are available on our FaceBook page.

Should the Borders Railway be continued to Hawick?

As part of the BBC News School Report Hawick High News is doing a segment on the Borders Railway, and asking whether it should be continued to Hawick and to the rest of the Scottish Borders. You can vote in our poll below but we would also like to hear your views so email

Here is some comments we have had so far:

Project Hawick fully supports the aims of the Campaign For Borders Rail (CBR), which include an extension to Hawick, and eventually Carlisle. Project Hawick

Is there a business case for an extension to Hawick based on passenger numbers? Borders Railway Objections
Yes because it would bring more money. Jay
Yes, because it would make Hawick more accessible by the people of the world. It would also benefit the Hawick people so they can leave the town and venture to new places. Cameron McCraedie
Be more useable to go right to Carlisle!!! Jim Douglas
We need to improve our public transport infrastructure so that people are not reliant on inefficient, expensive private cars. The railway also needs to be electrified so that we can make good use of the clean electricity that we generate here in the Borders. Andy
Should the Borders Railway be continued to Hawick free polls

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