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Resources for Parents

Welcome to the Parent Support page, here you will find a list of resources and links that Parent Forums have been provided with from SBC. There are some very good ideas and supports here to help you keep your children safe, well and making progress with their learning whilst undertaking this from home.

SCHOLAR is one such resource which has a range of options for students to assist with courses, revision and assessment of learning across a range of subjects from N5 to Higher. Some content is also suitable for S3 students preparing for their National Qualifications which they will start in S4. To that end SCHOLAR have provided a useful new video for parents and carers. Information is shown below. Please click the link to find out about what SCHOLAR has to offer and how it can be used to support home learning.

New SCHOLAR video- Information for Parents and Carers

Many parents and carers are curious about online learning, and would like to find out more about resources that can be used to enliven at-home learning.

To give parents and carers a sense of the variety of engaging activities available, SCHOLAR have produced a new 3 minute video, “Information for Parents and Carers”, aimed, primarily, at parents and carers of learners in S3-S6.

The new video is available at https://bit.ly/ParentsAndCarersInfo



Below is a link for parents who are trying to support their child with home learning or using their iPad. The INSPIRE YouTube Channel has a range of different videos and resources to help guide you through setting up and navigation of the iPad as a learning device.


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