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Home Learning

Here you will find useful links to resources which can be of help whilst they are learning at home. Contact details for staff are shown on a separate part of the home learning menu should you or your child require further support or assistance at home with either work or pastoral issues.

After 2 weeks of being at home and trying to adapt to a new way to learn please see an update for parents to assist going forward.

As it is now holiday period until Monday 20th April, please try to allow your child the chance to switch off from home learning and relax, enjoy the outdoors (where they can) and socialise with friends and family via whichever means keeps them connected. Further information will be sent to parents for the plan for after the Easter holidays in due course.

Firstly students should be making sure they are able to access GLOW on their iPad to help them learn. Secondly teachers will be placing work and resources on GLOW and Microsoft Teams regularly. Shown below is a parent guide to how to access GLOW and Teams.

If your child cannot access GLOW or has lost/forgotten their password please email hhs@scotborders.gov.uk with your child’s name and registration (tutor) group and we will send details of login or password resets as required.

To help adapt to home learning, a blank planner is shown below to support students to structure their day and prioritise their workload. Please be advised at this time student well-being is paramount. Therefore the students should follow the work of their school timetable where practical and manageable but so as not to feel overwhelmed by this they should just do what they can. They also need to make sure they take regular breaks from home learning to complete other activities within the home including regular exercise, fun activities and skills based learning i.e. gardening, baking and crafts etc.

Further useful links are shown below for parents and students to assist in helping to adapt to home learning in this unique situation.

Further updates to this page will be posted on a regular basis so please check back soon.

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