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  • Buccleuch Road, Hawick, TD9 0EG

Contact Details

Email Addresses – Pastoral Staff

For support with any pastoral issues including completing choice of course please contact your child’s pastoral teacher;

Mr Cockburn: – gjcockburn@scotborders.gov.uk

Mr Walker: –  Stewart.Walker@scotborders.gov.uk

Mr Fox: – Daniel.Fox@scotborders.gov.uk

Miss Fraser: – lfraser@scotborders.gov.uk

Mr Fobister: – sfobister@scotborders.gov.uk

Email Addresses – Pupil Support / Enhanced Provision / Learning and Inclusion Zones

For support with any child who accesses additional support in school or the Enhanced Provision / Learning Zone / Inclusion Zone please contact the relevant Principal Teacher of Pupil Support / Inclusion Officer;

Mrs Ramage: – KRamage@scotborders.gov.uk (Support for Learning)

Mrs Everitt: – gw17everittmandy@glow.sch.uk (Enhanced Provision)

Sharon Irvine:sirvine@scotborders.gov.uk (Learning and Inclusion Zone)

Email Addresses – Heads of Faculty/Subject

For support regarding a specific subject area please in the first instance contact the Principal Teacher Subject on the following email addresses;

Maths – Mr Ward: gw19wardjohn@glow.sch.uk

English : – Miss Holliday – gw14hollidaylinzi@glow.sch.uk

Languages: – Mrs Andrew:  – gw17andrewkirsty@glow.sch.uk

Science: – Mr McMasters: – gw20mcmasterbruce@glow.sch.uk

Social Subjects: – Mr Lyall – gw15lyallliam@glow.sch.uk

Art / Technical / Music: Mrs Martin – gw19martindebbie@glow.sch.uk

Physical Education / Home Economics: Mr South – gw16southchristopher@glow.sch.uk

Business / Computing: Mrs Johnstone – gw09johnstonealison5@glow.sch.uk

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