Pay by cash? Not for long

This story was written as part of BBC News Young Reporter Day on Wednesday 6 March 2019. 

Written by Irvine Welsh


A review by finance expert shows that shops will not save cash for as long as people need it.

What is the problem with a cashless society?

Banknotes and coins are essential for 8 million people. Personally I think it would be easier to still have both card and cash because some people would prefer to pay small prices with cash and larger ones with card although people who have conditions that have fine motion skills it is easier for them to pick up a card than small pennies. Some poorer people say it is easier to pay with cash because you know what you have on you and is easier for budgeting so you don’t get a bill saying you have over spent what you have in your bank.


What people think of a cash less society?

I asked a member of staff and some seniors what they would think of a cashless society.

Mr Clark said  “I think a cashless society would be good because it would be easier to carry a card.”

Andrew MacGillivray agreed to what Mr Clark said and put “In order for a cashless society to work technology would have to improve to meet demand and become more readily available.”

Callum Garden partially agreed but also said a cashless society would be “chaotic at first but a positive move forward”. I think we should keep both card and cash because the both get used frequently an d not all shops can afford a card machine  (single shop businesses, coffee shops).