Cambridge University to welcome deprived students

This story was written as part of BBC News Young Reporter Day on Wednesday 6 March 2019. 

Written by James Fobister.


Cambridge university has announced they will be opening 100 places at their university during the A level clearing process this August , this will be the first time in the history of the university that they will be giving free spaces away for those with the right qualifications to apply. An A level Clearing is when you have the opportunity for you to find a place on another course Ucas Track will show if  you are eligible for clearing.

There are only 100 spaces available, only students who are disadvantaged and from the UK will be able to apply for the spaces that are open.

Cambridge University are doing this scheme due to being accused of socially exclusive and only letting students with a less deprived background into the university and Cambridge has also been under fire for having a lack of diversity in students, the university has an intake of 3,500 undergraduates having such as little to no students from poorer backgrounds.

Cambridge states “The scheme backs it’s wish to recruit more disadvantaged youngsters but it’s not a quota”

The criteria for the type of disadvantage is students would need to have would be young people living in deprived areas and places for a small amount of people will ever have been to university  and attend a school were few people go to university’s, Race or ethnicity will not factor into application.

Sir Peter Lampl, who is the chairman of the Sutton Trust Mobility Society was quoted saying “Cambridge’s plan for reserving places for disadvantaged young people is a step in the right direction .