Pupils keep eye on real spectacle

First year science pupils at Hawick High have been learning about how the eye and spectacle lenses work, thanks to a visit from local optometrist Lee Street.

Ms Street, of The Opticians, based in Howegate, was invited to give a talk to the youngsters by science teacher, Dr Robertson.

“The class have been learning about light in science and were shown real-life applications of this topic,” he said. “The pupils also had a great time trying out some of the equipment that opticians use.

“They were really engaged and asked many great questions which Ms Street was happy to answer.

“Hopefully we’ll now get lots of the pupils aspiring to be opticians in the years ahead.

Ms Street told us: “My visit to Hawick High to talk about the eye and how spectacle lenses work was a great opportunity to give the students an example of the practical uses for the science they learn in school. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the class and it was fantastic to see such well-behaved, polite students with their inquisitive minds and to be able to answer their varied and interesting questions.

Dr Robertson added: “I was really impressed by both Ms Street and the pupils. She had a really nice manner with them and let everyone have enough time to have a go.

“The kids’ questions were good which I thought showed that they were keen, listening and interested.

“Thanks to Ms Street for ensuring the pupils enjoyed her talk while appreciating the link between learning about light in science and a real-life application of their learning.”

This article was originally printed in The Hawick Paper on Friday 12 October 2018.