Judo player Gemma Gibbons visits Hawick High School

The high school had a visit from Judo player Gemma Gibbons – Olympic silver medallist from the London Olympics.

She was representing Sporting Champions UK – a company that supports aspiring athletes. S1-3 students were sponsored to take part in a fitness session with Gemma and raised £1,315.

Gemma also asked for volunteers who were able to experience some of the throws that are used in Judo and some lucky students even got to throw members of the PE teaching staff.  Pictured with Gemma are, back  from left: Fraser Casson, Stuart Delaney, Kyle Wright, Lexi Keown, Catelyn Yallop and Rhianna Scott; front: Skye Clears, Robbie Landles and Archie Young

Article originally printed in The Hawick Paper on Friday 5 October 2018.