Hawick High Review Launched

We are excited to present to you the first edition of the Hawick High Review. The Review is the creative writing magazine of Hawick High School, and is dedicated to promoting some of our best student work.

This edition consists of folio pieces from the following former and current senior students: Valentino Franken, Alexandra Hounam, Taylor Cumming, Christy Anderson, Rhea Middlemass, Michael McFadden, Molly Marshall and Callum Knaggs. Molly and Taylor are pictured in this email holding the first edition.

Copies have been distributed around the school, and we are passing them out them to various locations around the town, so keep an eye out for them!

This edition would not have been possible without the support of staff and students; thank you especially to Vicky Porteous, Claire Williams and Duncan Taylor for their advice and support. However, none of this would have been possible without the students submitting their work in the first place; thank you to all of you for your fantastic contributions.

The Hawick High Review is a celebration of some of the best work our hardworking pupils have created.

A PDF of the magazine is also available to access here.