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UPDATED: Course Choice Forms

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

The choice of course forms for S3/S4/S5 are being issued through Personal Support Period tomorrow (Friday) morning for S3/S4/S5 students. Following some feedback there have been some minor changes to the forms with a small number of subjects. The updated form is available here.

Choice of Course Interviews:

Wednesday 14th March – S4 Options interviews
Thursday 15th March – S3 Options interviews
Wednesday 21st March – S5 Options interviews

Spare forms will be available in Guidance, the choice of course booklets are for students and parents to use to look at course contents and assessment methods when considering courses to choose. Students they will need to bring the form back on their interview day to their pastoral teacher signed by their parent. In the meantime if anyone is unsure of choices they should be making they should be using their most recent report with recommendations on, speaking with their class teachers, their pastoral teacher and parents to identify the most appropriate courses and pathway for them.

If anyone is applying to Borders College Academy Courses (in Col F) they need to see their Guidance teacher ASAP to complete a separate online application and forms ASAP. These have to be done, returned to Guidance and sent away by 21st March at the absolutely latest.

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