Hawick High School Athletics Championships – Thursday 1st June

The lists of pupils who have qualified for next week’s sports day are now up on the noticeboard in the tunnel as you come into PE. Can all pupils who have qualified please check the noticeboard for:

  •  Any mistakes or names that have been missed out
  •  If you have missed an event due to absence/injury but are still keen to take part in that event
  •  If you are planning to run either 100m/200m/300 or 400m/800m and you have not entered yet

Pupils are reminded that to compete on the day, you must take part in a minimum of 4 events (2 that you have qualified for in class). If you are unsure of any of the above, speak to a PE teacher and they will help you out. If you have qualified and you plan to compete next Thursday at Tweedbank, you must attend a meeting on Tuesday (30/5/17) in the Games Hall at 1.45pm. This is to get a letter and information about the athletics championships. A register will be taken at the meeting, if you are not at the meeting then we will presume that any missing pupils do not wish to take part in the event.