S1 1514 Quiz

Well done to all the S1 finalists of the 1514 Quiz which took place as part of the Common Riding Day last week.

They were: Scott Young 1D1, Leah Dodd 1Sb, Emily Thomas 1Sa, Ellis Hodgins 1S1, Katie Cross 1Ta, Molly McInulty 1Ta, Andrew Drummond 1T2, Phoebe Gale 1T2, Bailey Jamieson 1Tb, Sean McMichan 1T2, Jake Szoneberg 1Tb, Rhian Oliver 1Tb, Blaine Halfpenny 1Tc, Oliver Whiteley 1Td The result of the final was: 1st Katie Cross, 2nd Leah Dodd, 3rd Equal Luke Szoneberg and Scott Young
They will receive their prizes from the Cornet on Thursday 8th June.