Meet The New Head Team

At the outset of each new year at Hawick High School, along with new first years, new timetables and new teachers, comes a new Head Team.

A combination of teacher suggestions and a vote from S6 pupils determines the shortlist of eight candidates; four boys and four girls who then contest for the roles of Head Boy and Girl, and Deputy Head Boy and Girl.

The eight candidates are tasked with preparing a speech to present to their year. Within this speech, lasting two to five minutes, candidates must consider what issues they wish to address in the short period of time they are given. They must address issues which evoke passion on both sides of the discussion. This year, the primary point of debate was whether Hawick High School should stick with tradition and have a Christmas Dance, or ring the changes and have a Prom in the summer. The debates were highly entertaining. “Far better than the Clinton v Trump debates,” according to Deputy Head Peter Beaton.

When the ballots closed the results were declared as: Head Boy, Ewan Chelley; Head Girl, Eilidh Page; Depute Head Boy, Mark Messer; and Deputy Head Girl Niamh Rafferty.

Mark Messer, Depute Head Boy, told Hawick High News “The year group has produced a magnificent team for me to work with; I look forward to representing our school in the coming year.”

The Head Team states that they want to ensure that the S6 common room remains a feature as this has proved to be exceedingly popular. Things are going well so far as the new team has negotiated with school management and secured extended times in which S6 pupils can use the common room.

The Head Team now meets every week with Acting Head Teacher John Clarke and Deputy Head Peter Beaton to discuss issues occurring within the school. We wish them well in the year ahead.