The New Digital Leaders Team

A Digital Leader is a pupil who is part of a Digital Leaders Team within a school. Their role is to support the use and further the development of the iPad. The current S1 and S2 (After the summer the S2 and S3 year groups) will be given an IPad each to use in class.

The digital leaders were sent on a trip were taken to a Digital Roadshow on the 18th of May. The roadshow was set up in Selkirk High School and was organised by Young Scot and My World of Work. It lasted three hours and was made up of a number of exhibitions from different technological companies.

Some of the exhibitions consisted of My World Of Work, young Scot and SQI. Other exhibits involved controlling a BB – 8 robot, figuring out which pop star would be able to qualify for a job and then seeing how much quicker and easier it is to do so using technology and also using video and controlling a blue glowing ball. They were people who were giving talks to show the pupils what a wide variety of jobs there are in the technology sector. The people talking to the pupils have pursued jobs in technology and they were explaining their experiences about working in a job centred around technology. At the end of the day the pupils got a surprise when they were given a free Raspberry Pi kit and a free keyboard equipped with a mouse. The pupils were treated to a free lunch and a informative video on how to use the Pi. The day was very informative and the digital leaders left having a good idea of a future career they could pursue.