S1 Trip to The Scottish Portrait Gallery

This year Hawick High School has been able to offer some determined S1 pupils a trip to The Scottish Portrait Gallery thanks to funding from the Eridge Trust. 30 lucky students were chosen from all four houses to be apart of a trip to the art gallery, for the opportunity to take part in a practical workshop.

The trip took place on Thursday 19th of May from 9am until 3:30pm and was taken by Mrs Murray along with some other members of staff. The Scottish Portrait Gallery is situated in Edinburgh on Queen Street and was first opened in 1890.

Since then the gallery has been running for 136 years. The pupils were transported from the school in the morning to the Portrait Gallery by bus. After the long trip the pupils were dropped of at the museum while being accompanied by their teachers.

The pupils got the opportunity to venture around the museum and they also took part in the workshops. The portrait gallery is home to some of Scotland’s most famous art and the pupils had a chance to take a look.