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Hawick school pupils launch dog fouling video

A video created by Hawick High School’s news team to highlight the issue of dog fouling has been launched.

The video was made by the pupils to support our new responsible dog ownership strategy, which takes a fresh approach to dog fouling through education and enforcement.

The video, shot in nearby Wilton Lodge Park, is available to view on our YouTube channel.

Bag the Poo – any bin will do

The slogan used in the video ‘Bag the poo – any bin will do’ has also inspired a new poster campaign to publicise the new £80 fine for dog fouling.
Hawick High News team

Led by senior pupils Ronald Yule and Matthew Frankland, Hawick High News has vastly improved communications in the school since being set up.

The group communicate with pupils, staff and the community:

  • produces a monthly news broadcast
  • publish a monthly column in a local newspaper
  • run social media channels among other methods

It has led to Ronald and Matthew being jointly nominated for Educational Supporter of the Year at the Scottish Education Awards.

Ronald Yule, Hawick High School senior pupil

“The team was pleased to help the Council with its dog fouling message.

“While filming for the video, we spoke to a number of responsible dog owners and they were all concerned with the issue of dog fouling.

“It is great to be able to take part and encourage the community to back the campaign and pick up after their dogs.”

Councillor David Paterson, Executive Member for Environmental Services

“The Hawick High News team have been doing tremendous work to improve communications with pupils, staff and the local community.

“I am really pleased they have assisted the Council with putting together its dog fouling message, which will be included on posters across the region.

“The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and do pick up after their pets but for the minority who do not, this video – alongside the Green Dog Walkers scheme – will encourage them to remember their responsibilities.

“Alongside education, the strategy includes enforcement for those who continue to ignore these messages. This includes the appointment of two enforcement officers who will soon be on our streets issuing £80 fines for anyone caught letting their dog foul or dropping litter.”

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