S3 Emtelle Visit‏

Another exciting opportunity for S3 Pupils.

How many people pass the large Emtelle factory on the outskirts of Hawick and wonder what they actually make in there? Well a group of S3 pupils were recently given the opportunity to find out!

On Wednesday 23rd March 5 groups of S3 pupils were shuttled down by bus to Emtelle for a tour of the factory and the chance to hear from some of their young workforce about their career paths.

Emtelle are keen to have pupils visit their factory and learn about the products that they make and export around the world.

It was particularly useful for pupils interested in Design and Manufacture, Engineering, Computing or the world of Business and Finance and provided an ideal opportunity to learn about the job opportunities that are available in our local area.

The pupils all found it really interesting and were amazed to think that products made in Hawick were being used by big well-known companies like BT and Virgin and helping to provide faster Broadband.