The LGBT+ Group

Hawick High School’s LGBT group is the first group in the school to provide an open forum for all LGBT pupils and staff to come along and share your experiences. The group is a safe place free from judgement where everyone can be themselves and anyone that supports LGBT rights can also come along!

All of the letters in LGBT are abbreviations that stand for different sexualities and gender identities.

L- Lesbian

G- Gay

B- Bisexual

T- Transgender

Bisexual and Transgender are umbrella terms for other sexualities and genders.  People all over the world identify as many different things and a lot of other people don’t even know there is a whole spectrum to the LGBT+ community. There are other sexualities such as Asexual and Pansexual. As there is with genders like Gender Fluid and Agender.

Asexual- This is when a person has no sexual, physical or emotional attraction to any gender.

Pansexual- This is when a person has a sexual, physical and/or emotional attraction to any gender.

Gender Fluid- This is when a person can fluctuate between genders or have no specific gender at all.

Agender- This is when a person doesn’t have a specific gender and is gender neutral.

To raise awareness about LGBT, the group organised an event called Purple Friday which was held on Friday 26th February of every year, and it was all about working together to beat hate crime and judgement. Hate crime is any personal abuse because of their race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation or disability. The number of charges reported in all hate crime categories, with the exception of disability, fell in 2014-15 compared to the previous year. Sexual orientation aggravated crime is the second most common type of hate crime. The number of charges reported decreased by 5% in 2014-15 to 841. This is the first annual fall in charges reported since the legislation introducing this aggravation came into force in 2010.