Shocking December Floods

In December 2015 Hawick was hit by some of the worst flooding seen in the town since 2005. Around 600 people were evacuated from their homes on the 5th December when the floods hit. Flooding affected many parts of Scotland after the country was battered by strong winds and heavy rain brought in by Storm Desmond. Those evacuated were moved to the respite centre located at the Teviotdale Leisure Centre, others stayed with family and friends.

People’s lives were disrupted by the terrible floods when they lost large amounts of stock and others had to pay out vast sums of money on repairs. I spoke with the manager of Johnston of Elgin to find out how the floods impacted them. They said that they weren’t affected as badly as they had been in recent years because they had been informed about the expected floods early that morning and that allowed them an hour to get all the sand bags out in time. If they hadn’t got the sandbags out in time the shop and factory would’ve been badly flooded and all the cashmere garments would’ve been severely damaged. Although Johnston’s were not badly affected, other services, businesses and homes were and it would have cost them a great deal of money to fix.

The affects of this latest flood were extremely dangerous and members of the Hawick Public have been badly affected. Part of Duke street was washed away by the high waters.  The Scottish Borders Council were so concerned that they kept school pupils in for lunch and provided them with a free school meal to ensure their safety.

Towns in the local area were also affected by Storm Desmond, many of them also had to go to their local respite centre similar to Hawick. People who worked in the mills years ago needed the river for energy but now the river is endangering peoples lives.