News In Brief

Hawick Knitwear

It was announced this week that no buyer can be found to rescue local mill Hawick Knitwear. The major local employer which had to close after Christmas entered Administration on January 7th.  Creditors have been called to a meeting next week in Edinburgh.

As we understand it. The workforce are being treated as preferential creditors.  This means that all the people who worked there will get the back pay, holiday pay and pension payments that they are due.

This is perhaps a small amount of good news for 119 employees who were made jobless by the closure on January the 7th.

George Martin

George Martin died this week on Tuesday 8th of march at the age of 90. His family confirmed that he died peacefully at his home on Tuesday.  Tributes started  flooding in the following day from people across the nation including the remaining beetles. Sir Paul McCartney stated ‘He was a true gentleman and like a second father to me’ He also added ‘if anyone earned the title of the fifth beetle it was George’ Ringo Starr said ‘he gave love and kindness into the group’

Unlikely Friendship

In Brazil an  unlikely friendship has occurred with a now retired Brazilian fisherman and a magellanic penguin. The retired fisherman saved the penguin in 2011 and this penguin species is listed as near-threatened owing to oil spills which kill more than 40,000 a year. The magellanic penguins have lived for about 25 years and are known for their loyalty. The man has compared the penguin to a son. The penguin has been visiting for four years now and travelling an incredible 5,000 miles to visit the fisherman.