Junior Doctors Go On Strike

On the 10th of March the strike of the junior doctors continued outside the hospitals of Britain. The junior doctors and nurses consisted of young men and women striking against the government as a result of the latest decrease in the salary the hospital staff earn. In total the salary has been decreased by 13.5%. Many people are devastated by the decrease in their money and started strikes lasting 48 hours causing thousands of operations and procedures to be cancelled in hope of getting the government to give hospital workers a new contract.

The NHS are using 20 banks and agency staffs to help cover shortages of doctors and nurses, they are also preparing for winter by recruiting additional nurses and mid wife’s so they can continue to find the best care for patients throughout the winter season.  The newest means there will be a major shortage of between hundreds and thousands hospital staff across the UK. The reason for the NHS’s junior doctor catastrophe is that the government is unable to pay enough to the young doctors and nurses due to the future development of the society across the UK. The reason of the NHS’s junior doctor catastrophe is that the government is unable to pay enough to the hospital staff because of future development to the society.

The staff’s times include having a total number of hours between 91 to 72 every week, while doctors work nightshifts from 7pm to 4am. However, despite all their hard work the staff are still not allowed to take two weekends off in a row. Saturday and Sunday working times are 5pm to 9pm and 7pm to 9pm, this averages out at around 30% of their working time. The doctors and nurses in this country work extremely hard and they are currently arguing in an attempt to receive a pay rise.