Hawick High News: Who are we?

This month Hawick High News reached a milestone of 2000  likes on Facebook.  Combined with followers on Twitter and Instagram this means that over 3000 people are able to receive daily updates from the school news service run by senior pupils Matthew Frankland and Ronald Yule.  In recognition of their service to the school, this pair have been nominated for a Scottish Education Award this year.  The whole news team, now 21 strong, have been nominated for a Saltire Volunteering Award.

I am a first year pupil and as one of the youngest journalists on Hawick High News I was keen to find out more about the news team I had joined: here are some amazing Hawick High News Facts.

Hawick High News was started by Mr Hawkshaw in 2008 as Hawick High School Podcast News.  It was originally available only on Blip TV and as an iTunes podcast.  Our YouTube channel started in Aug 3 2011.  It now has 182 Subscribers and has had an amazing 63,604 views.  Our Facebook page was started in 2010 it now has an amazing 2019 likes and several posts have been viewed by tens of thousands of people.  Twitter is our other important news page and it has 1,358, Followers.  This combined output means that the achievements of pupils in our school reach a fantastic number of people every day.

Our longest serving members are Matthew Frankland & Ronald Yule who have been involved with the group since 2010. They help out a lot with the editing and the organisation of the group. I interviewed them both and started off by asking them what they have enjoyed most about being in the group.

Ronald said “I like feeling a sense of importance within the school and having a sense of pride in what I have achieved throughout my school career”. Ronald added, “I also enjoyed rebranding Hawick High News in 2014 as well as meeting and interviewing Nicola Sturgeon for the BBC in March last year”. Matthew said, “I like being one of the main editors for our online news episode as well as having experience in filming”. Matthew went on to say “I would like to work in the computing industry after my time at HHS.” The rest of the team were also interviewed and all of them gave positive comments about their time within the group.

The news team also runs the school website (www.hawickhighnews.co.uk) created by our senior member Ronald Yule. This allows pupils, parents and the wider community to access the daily bulletin updates from Hawick High School as well as news stories about pupils achievements within the school.  With this growing presence, Hawick High News has gained recognition from organisations both in the local area and further afield, including being commissioned to film ‘The Royal Society of Edinburgh’ lecture in the school on the subject of fracking with Professor Ian Stewart.

One of our main outputs is however the production of monthly news episodes which cover all the latest stories from Hawick School during the past month. These are posted to our YouTube channel, and of course the school website, along with any other videos we may produce. These are then consequently advertised through our social media pages and through the school  bulletin updates.

Throughout its history, Hawick High News has had many achievements including taking part in BBC News School Report each year, interviewing past First Minister Alex Salmond three times and present First Minister Nicola Sturgeon once. We have even persuaded lots of staff and pupils to share their singing talents with the world in our critically acclaimed Christmas videos and created a very funny mock interview with Ex-Headmaster Alan Williamson when he was departing.

At Hawick High News we believe the news should be communicated in a fun and enjoyable way. We are excited about the growth of our news service and are always looking out for new ways to develop. For all the latest updates from Hawick High School, please like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hawickhighnews), follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/hawickhighnews), visit our website (www.hawickhighnews.co.uk) and you can view all our latest monthly episodes at www.youtube.com/hawickhighschool.