Changes to Work Experience

In 2015 there was an important review published that looked at Careers and Work Experience in Scottish schools – “Developing the Young Workforce” (often referred to as the Wood Report as it was headed by Sir Ian Wood).

From this report there are a number of recommendations that schools will implement over a 7 year period, all of which are designed to help schools to work in partnership with employers to better equip our young people for the modern workplace.

One of the main recommendations is that the traditional Work Experience is developed to allow pupils to have a richer experience of the workplace. Pupils will be encouraged to find a Work Placement that is connected to their career plan and that is able to provide them with a relevant experience.

To enable us to provide this, we will change from the traditional model where all S3 complete a Work Experience Placement at the end of their Board General Education and instead we will only have S3 who are planning to leave school at the end of S4 having the option of a Work Placement in S3.

Pupils who are considering staying on at school for Senior School will be given opportunities later in their school career to gain an appropriate Work Placement at a time suitable to their career plan. This will be an option on the Choice of Course form that will be issued in March.