New Radio Station to launch in Hawick High School

After starting off in March 2014 as Hawick High’s Bustin Beatz the School’s radio station is rebranding with a new name, and a brand new team of dedicated pupils.

Now in association with the Hawick High News Team, the group aim to give pupils the opportunity to have a shot at presenting their very own radio programme. Located in Hawick High School’s Music Department the group want to create regular radio broadcasts which will be published online on their Mix Cloud channel. The group are also interested in making pupils aware about the different career opportunities which are available in the media industry.

The funding for the radio station originally came from Youth Chex, a council backed initiative who supply grants to fund youth projects which will benefit young people in the Scottish Borders. The group were successfully awarded over £1000 which they used to buy their equipment and build their soundproofed studio.

S5 pupil Mark Messer, who is the radio manager said “The radio station is currently used as a confidence building exercise, it helps people build confidence in speaking out loud and helps them when conducting interviews”. He went on to say “The purpose will be to introduce people into different types of music, and educating people on how to produce a radio broadcast”

The first broadcast of Hawick High Radio is hoped to be on the airwaves in the new year.

Article written by Lana Burns and Sophie Allen