The Worldwise Quiz UK

The Worldwise Quiz UK final took place between the 24th and the 26th of April at Malham Field Studies Centre. Seven schools were involved, most were independent schools but a couple of them were state schools. The pupils and the staff had an introductory evening meal on the Friday evening before a formal welcome and an outline for the weekend was given. The twenty seven pupils were then split up into nine mixed teams for the Saturday and were given a presentation entitled “Why is Malham so special”. There were three prizes for the weekend; a Fieldwork Prize, the Presentation Prize and the Overall Challenge Weekend Prize.

The Fieldwork Prize was given to the group that worked the best throughout the Saturday, collecting information and interacting with the GA (Geographical Association) and FSC (Field Study Council) staff. The Presentation Prize was given for presenting a PowerPoint. The pupils returned to work in their own school groups and were given two and a half hours on the Saturday evening and two hours on the Sunday morning to produce a PowerPoint. The presentation could have a maximum of six images and four slides. They also had to make an original map from the GIS data that they had collected the previous day. The presentation was only allowed to last five minutes and they had to present it twice on the Sunday so that all the GA and FSC could judge and determine the overall winner. The pupils were marked on the way that they behaved and represented the school all weekend and how they interacted with each other and the staff helpers throughout all the tasks. The pupils who scored the most marks were then awarded the Overall Challenge Weekend Prize.

On the Saturday morning at 9am three groups left to investigate the four main fieldwork sites. These were Malham, Janet’s Foss, Malham Cove and Gordale Scar. The GA and the FSC staff led the trip and the school teachers were not allowed to help or discuss fieldwork. At the end of the tiring fieldwork day the school teams were all given IPads, laptops and a classroom to work on their presentations. On the Sunday morning they had a final two hours to work on the presentations that the teachers had not been allowed to see or help with.

At half past one it was time for the presentation of the awards. The Fieldwork Prize was won by Kaye Levell’s group. She had worked with two other boys called Max and Raheith. The Presentation Prize was awarded to Hawick High School and our pupils certainly deserved their accolade. The Overall Challenge Prize went to Tapton School from Sheffield. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were delighted with their successes.