S2 Masterchef 2015

All of S2 are currently taking part in a cooking competition. The theme of this year’s Masterchef competition is Scottish food and drink. The pupils are in pairs and have to make either a starter and a main course or a main course and dessert. They will do this in their Home Economics classes and then a winning pair will be chosen from each class. They will then prepare and present their dishes in the final.

As part of S2’s preparation for the competition the whole year group attended a demonstration by an SBC chef on the 30th of April. He showed the pupils different kinds of Scottish foods to help them decide and give them ideas about ingredients and recipes. There was a variety of tasting dishes including things you would never expect to go together such as a scotch egg and salmon. There was also a delicious choice of desserts demonstrated to pupils, including cheesecake and raspberry jelly.

Pupils came away from the demonstrations very enthusiastic about the competition.