Class of 2015

Hawick High School’s 2015 Sixth Year Graduation Ceremony took place on Thursday 23 April at Hawick Town Hall. The ceremony was held to recognise the hard work and dedication shown by the pupils over the course of their six years at Hawick High School.

There were inspirational speeches from Mr Beaton, Headteacher Mr McClory, and Guest Speaker Janice Chapman. There was also speeches from members of the Head Team and Mr Hawkshaw.

At the end of the Ceremony the students were presented with Graduation Certificates by Provost Stuart Marshall.

The final words of the night came from Mr Hawkshaw who congratulated the students on their success at Hawick High School.

Hawick High News broadcasted part of the event with an App called Periscope. You can watch the stream below if you would like to view it.