S4 Exam Arrangements

In consultation with the new Director of Children and Young People we have made the decision similar to last session that all S4 pupils will remain in school during the exam period with specific allowances for those pupils sitting National 5 exams.

All pupils will follow their current timetable where they will participate in facilitated study sessions (National 5) with only N5 pupils or additional learning activities (National 4)with only N4 pupils.

Pupils presented at National 3 or National 4 level in specific subjects will continue with course work, engaging in learning activities such as completing course specific added value units or progressing onto the next level of learningwithin a subject (if the course has been selected for S5)There will be other learning options for targeted groups of pupils at whole school level including extended work experience and/or school service.

Pupils who have National 5 exams will receive a preparation day per exam (permission to remain at home, for that particular day, to study).  It is pupils’ responsibility to plan these days and to inform the pupil office when they intend to take their days to ensure attendance accuracy. Any S4 Pupils sitting a Higher will be entitled to an additional 2 days offfor this exam. N5 pupils will also be granted the day prior to the exam for final revision, this will be pre coded by ourpupil office.

On the day of their National 5 exam, pupils are expected to come for their exam only and leave school once finished.  If, however, they choose to stay in school to study or for transportation reasons, pupils will be expected to follow their normal study timetable.

Once pupils have completed all their exams they will continue to follow their timetable and begin S5 higherstudies where appropriate or set up a work experience placement.

I am confident these arrangements will have a positive impact on the success of all our S4 pupils.  Having a focused study timetable with their peers who are studying at the same level and daily access to teachers to discuss any areas of learning they may require support can only be positive.

If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I wish all our young people success in the upcoming exams and I know you will do everything possible to support and challenge them in achieving their goals.


Mr McClory, Headteacher at Hawick High School