iPads in Schools

IPads can make learning engaging and memorable. However they can also be expensive and for, some people, hard to use. The one to one iPad project is a project to eventually get every pupil an iPad to use for different subjects and also to take home.

There have been mixed opinions about if this project is a good idea. We interviewed teachers and pupils to see what their opinion are. We interviewed 10 pupils and 5 teachers, out of the pupils 9 of them thought that it would be a good idea for every pupil to have an iPad. The teachers had more of a mix of answers as 2 of them said that iPads would be a good idea, 2 said that they didn’t think it was a good idea and 1 person was undecided.

We chosen to interview teachers from a variety of subjects to see how having an iPad would effect how pupils learn in that subject. The science teacher that we interviewed said that they thought that an iPad wouldn’t be much use as you need to draw a lot of diagrams in science. The social teacher thought that the iPads would be useful for maps in geography, they are faster, you can use them for research in history and they have more update information for modern studies especially.

We interviewed two English teachers that both had different opinions. One teacher said it was a very good idea as it would save money as they wouldn’t have to buy lots of books and also they wouldn’t have to rely on booking computer rooms. However the other teacher thought that it wasn’t a very good idea as pupils would just press spell check instead of learning how to spell the word and also you can get easily distracted on an iPad. The music teacher that we interviewed was undecided. She said that they hadn’t had a chance to see if the iPads helped during classes.