Should the Borders Railway be continued to Hawick?

As part of the BBC News School Report Hawick High News is doing a segment on the Borders Railway, and asking whether it should be continued to Hawick and to the rest of the Scottish Borders. You can vote in our poll below but we would also like to hear your views so email

Here is some comments we have had so far:

Project Hawick fully supports the aims of the Campaign For Borders Rail (CBR), which include an extension to Hawick, and eventually Carlisle. Project Hawick

Is there a business case for an extension to Hawick based on passenger numbers? Borders Railway Objections
Yes because it would bring more money. Jay
Yes, because it would make Hawick more accessible by the people of the world. It would also benefit the Hawick people so they can leave the town and venture to new places. Cameron McCraedie
Be more useable to go right to Carlisle!!! Jim Douglas
We need to improve our public transport infrastructure so that people are not reliant on inefficient, expensive private cars. The railway also needs to be electrified so that we can make good use of the clean electricity that we generate here in the Borders. Andy
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