Mark White

Mark started his broadcasting career with BBC Radio Scotland in 1987. When the tragic event of the Lockerbie air disaster occurred Mark was sent to cover it and he spent more than a year working in and around Lockerbie and reported on a five-month long Lockerbie Fatal Accident Inquiry in Dumfries.

Moving to television in 1991, Mark White joined Border Television to work on the nightly news programme “Lookaround.” In November 1992 he moved up North and became the main presenter and reporter for the Grampian Television (known now as the STV North) regional news programme North Tonight. Mark had to resign from that TV programme in November 1999 after an outburst of laughing whilst he was on air giving a serious news report. Later that month he joined Sky News, where he is now the channel’s Home Affairs Correspondent.

Mark White has reported many headlines in his career such as from Indonesia on the Boxing Day Tsunami, from the Old Bailey on the London nail-bombing trial, Abu Hamza’s incitement to murder trial, on numerous terrorist attacks and related stories, including the London bombings in 2005.

In February 2011, Mark helped the rest of the production team of Sky News win a Royal Television Society award for all its coverage of the student riots.

By Rachel Goldie