Gordon Muir

Gordon Muir attended Hawick High School from 1971 to 1977. He had many friends at school but his best friend were Paul Hogarth, Douglas Kernaghan and Michael Norris.

Gordon’s favourite teachers were Art teachers Rab Brown and Stuart Frame who inspired him and others for many years. However, Gordon didn’t enjoy Latin as much as his total combined score for his three exams didn’t even get a pass!

When Gordon was at school he didn’t have a dream job. All he knew was that he didn’t want to be a vet like his father. After  university his initial plan was to be a commercial graphic designer during the day and paint great master-pieces at night but that never really worked out.

Gordon is difficult to categorise job-wise.  It depends on which project he is working at the time – designer, artist, sculptor, Art Director, photographer, writer, music manager, music producer, props builder, van driver, lambing man, dry-stane dyker……!

His latest project was to design the memorial commemorating the men who lost their lives in the construction of the Forth railway bridge.

By Akiko