David Chapman

David John Chapman was born on the 24th of March 1962.  He attended Drumlanrig  Primary School, and then went on to attend Hawick High School, from 1974 to 1979. His favourite teachers were Mr Lawrie (English), Mr Gordon (English), Mr Proudfoot (Technological Studies) and Mr Grieve (Physical Education). His favourite subjects were Technological Studies and Physical Education. David’s friends at school were David Barker, Neil Dalgetty, Kevin Campbell, Bruce Michie, Stephen Adams and Alan Rae. When he was at school he wanted to become a civil engineer when he left school, but instead went straight to Pringle of Scotland. He worked at Peter Scott’s for many years.  He is now European Sales Manager for Scott & Charters (Hawick) Ltd.

David has a keen interest in music, as well as Scotland, so formed a band with his friend Iain Scott to represent this, known as Scocha the name coming from their names “ Sco for Scott and Cha for Chapman. His favourite songs the band have produced are “Reivers Are Riding” and “Jumpers For Goalposts”, but he loves them all. Scocha have done many tours, but his favourite is the New York tour they did, but very close seconds are Canada and Germany. He also enjoys playing in Hawick, as you’re in front of your own friends and family. David has talent for music, and plays many instruments: accoustic/electric guitar, drums, bodhran, percussion and kazoo. David is a very busy man, but if he ever gets a spare bit of time he loves watching the rugby, especially international matches involving Scotland. He also listens to lots of music, and when he gets the chance, enjoys socializing over a pint or two of Guinness.

by Emily Lockie