John Ross Scott

John Ross Scott was born in 1951 at the Haig Maternity Hospital in Hawick and went to Wilton Primary School before attending Hawick High School from 1963 to 1966. At Hawick High he liked Biology, English and Art. His favourite teachers were Art teachers Rab Brown and John Weir and English teacher €œPopeye€ McPherson. He was friends with people like George Goodfellow, Alistair McKay, Roy Oliver, Johnny Donald, Colin Turnbull and Jim Speirs. John was inspired by John Weir and his ambition is to change the world. At school he wanted to be a farmer but then decided he didn’t like farming. Now John Ross Scott likes to write, do television, charity and NHS work, walk and act. He is currently working as the editor of ‘Orkney Today’ but was previously Convenor of the Scottish Borders Council, chief reporter and health correspondent with the ‘Southern Reporter’ and Editor of the ‘Hawick News’. Since he was at the High School he has been to Israel, served as Honorary Provost of Hawick during the Millennium, helped bring the railway back to the Borders and is currently trying to improve hospitals. In his own opinion schools aren’t as disciplined and are more flexible and free with education and along with it being easier he think’s it is more fun. His key moment at Hawick High was the day he left, and 6 months later when he realised that he was wrong for leaving.

By Brodie Murray