Alan Brydon

Alan Brydon was born in Hawick on 10th February 1961. He attended HawickHigh School between 1972 and 1976 and most enjoyed English as he was very interested in reading and poetry. His English teacher was Mrs McNaughton and she was a real inspiration to Alan.  Music was an interesting hobby and he enjoyed getting taught by Mr Seeley. Technical Drawing was a loved subject too. While at school, Alan attended and became part of the Rambling Club. He also took part in the Hawick Boys Brigade Pipe Band to add to his love of music and he was even in a rock band! Today Alan still enjoys music and was part of Scocha the Hawick folk rock band. He is a prolific singer/ songwriter. His “Calling Down the Line” and “On the Road to Passchendaele” are now sung in may places at Remembrance time and his “The Bonnie Banner Blue” is now one of the most popular Common Riding songs. He is a great Common Riding enthusiast. He was Chief Guest in 2010 and President of the Ancient Order of Mosstroopers in 2012. He wrote “The Keeper of Teviotdale” a novel set in Hawick and co-wrote the musical “A Reiver’s Moon” with Ian Landles. He is owner of the Garnett Group which makes automated control systems for carding machinery and fibre feeding equipment. His job takes him all over the world.

by Orla Presslie