Bill Johnstone

Bill Johnstone is a famous commentator who went to HawickHigh School from 1955 to 961. His favourite subject at school was French and his favourite teacher was Mr Sandy Cantlay. He had many friends at school but his main friends were Cammy Cairns, Rob Smith, Peter Robertson, Donald Inch and Petrie Neave. When asked if he had any funny stories Bill said that once a Senior Pupil stuffed a potato up the exhaust of a teacher’s car, they watched as it flew out the exhaust with a big BANG. He taught PE for 40 years before getting into commentating and is still commentating today. Bill was inspired by his parents who kept him and his siblings at school to finish their Highers and his uncle, Bill McLaren, who suggested a career in PE. His key moments at Hawick High were when he got into the school rugby team and also when he became School Captain.

Since his years at Hawick High Bill Johnstone has become more and more well known in both the sporting world and the commentating world. He thinks that the school health care has changed since his time and that the school system has developed their guidance systems and career advice, though there has been an increase in paperwork.

by Brodie Murray