Stuart Easton

Stuart Easton is a motor cycle racer. He was born on July 21st, 1983, and attended Hawick High School.  He first started taking part in major competitions as an 18 year old. Easton won 7 times at the 2002 Supersport competition, this gained him the Supersport title, as he finished ahead of stiff competition from Michael Laverty and Scott Smart. A year later he tried to defend his title, but in the end with 3 wins, he finished runner up to future team mate Karl Harris He took part in the World Superbikes twice, but didn’t quite make it to a medal there. Like many people in his sport he has had his fair share of injuries, some more serious than others. The most serious of his career came in May 2011, when he was in a free practice with his team-mate, Gary Mason in Ireland.  Easton was hospitalized and overall it took him a year to recover from various injuries including broken femurs, a shattered pelvis, broken coccyx, ruptured bowel, broken fingers and a deep cut on his arm. He could easily have died in this accident but luckily he has now recovered. In an interview with ‘’ he was asked ‘Did it affect your confidence, does it still hang around in the back of your mind?’. He replied ‘Not really, I just take it as it comes. Confidence depends more on the circumstances you’re in and the bike you’re on. This year I’m on the Mar-Train 600 Yamaha and I’ve won the first race of the season so confidence is not an issue’. Stuart recently returned to Ireland for the Vauxhall International North West 200.

by Hannah Simpson