Ken Laidlaw

Ken Laidlaw was born in Hawick in 1936 and went to Hawick High School. From the very young age of 15 he was involved in cycling with the Hawick Cycling Club. His cycling career saw him become one of Britain’s best road cyclists. His major win of his career was the Tour of Britain in 1957. He took part in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. During National Service he was given time to train which developed his cycling skills. He participated in the Scottish 100 mile championship and set a new Scottish record. Over the years as an amateur he took part in famous international races gaining him many honours. At the age of 25 he turned professional and was chosen to represent Britain in the world’s toughest race the Tour de France. Now Ken Laidlaw who lives in America has a Sportive based in Hawick to commemorate his great cycling acheivements.

by Rhianne Gray