Malcolm Murray CBE

Malcolm Murray went to Hawick High School from 1949 to 1955 and while he was there he enjoyed most subjects but especially liked Maths. His favourite teacher at Hawick High was a Maths teacher called James McGarrity. He had many key moments while at the school  such as  when he first understood Algebra, getting picked for the under 16’s rugby team to play in Wales and especially when he became School Captain. His closest friends at school were Roy Fergus, Albert Robson, Rex Semple, Gerald Adams, Brian Richardson, Tom Anderson, Maureen Waldie, Marie Wright, Betty Crosby, Jimmy Guthrie, Margaret Pringle, Sandy Bannerman and many more.   He enjoyed most of the sports on offer at Hawick High, such as  rugby, football, tennis, golf and swimming.   He also enjoyed singing and acting. Inspired by Mr McGarrity  he wanted to be a nuclear physicist when he left so he studied Maths and Physics. He is very grateful for the education he received at Hawick High School. He has been a Mosstrooper for 40 years, was President of  Hawick Callants Club and Chief Guest at Hawick Common Riding. He was awarded a CBE in 1995.

By Brodie