Iain Scott

Iain Scott is a member of the Scottish Folk ‘n’ Roll band Scocha. His birthday is on the 30th of October. He attended Wilton Primary School, then Hawick High School from  1980 to 1985. Iain didn’t really have a favourite teacher at school, but he liked Ms Phillips (English), Mr Halliday (Technical) and Miss Hood (Art). He also liked Mr Landles, although he didn’t get him as a full time teacher, he had him for one afternoon. This wasn’t really an educational lesson as Mr Landles spent the whole time trying to write his name on the ceiling with the blackboard duster! He says he didn’t really have a least favourite teacher, although some got pretty close! Iain’s favourite subject was Art, but he didn’t particularly like Maths and English! Iain and David Chapman had been playing bits of music together for a while, but in 2001 the name Scocha (From Iain and David’s surnames) was born and Scocha was formed along with Phil Clayton, Alan Brydon and Doug Anderson. Iain is currently President of Hawick Archaeological Society.  He is a keen Common Riding supporter and a member of the Tartan Army.  Iain doesn’t really have any more goals, as all of them have been reached thanks to effort, but Iain would really like a guitar shaped swimming pool and his own private jet! Overall he is proud to be representing Hawick and Scotland all over the world, and rightly so.

by Hannah Simpson