Peter Peacock

Peter Peacock was born on the 27th of February,1952 in Edinburgh. He attended Hawick High School from 1964 to 1970. Peter’s favourite teacher was Jock Houston, and his favourite subject was History, but he also loved Technical and Engineering Drawing, and PE. Among his friends at school were Ronnie Wells and Francis Boles. He believes that Hawick High School prepared him for a lot that life threw at him.

Peter makes no claim to fame; instead he believes he was just fortunate to have been able to do a number of interesting jobs, some carrying a fair bit of responsibility. He was elected as a Councillor in the Highlands in 1982 and held many senior roles culminating in being the first political leader of  Highland Council.  He was elected to the first Scottish Parliament in 1999 as a Labour member for the Highlands and Islands serving until he retired from Parliament in 2011. He served as a Scottish Government Minister from 1999 to 2006, as Education Minister for most of that time retiring in 2011.  Now that he has retired, his interests are cooking, golf, bird- watching and watching Rugby Union. Peter’s hero is Bill McLaren and his ambition now is to keep breathing, mentally alert and able to travel a lot.

by Emily Lockie