Professor Douglas Scott

Douglas Scott was born in Edinburgh in 1964. He attended Hawick High School between 1975 and 1982. He was very interested in Physics, Maths and History where he adored his teacher Jock Houston. He had a couple of enjoyable hobbies such as debating which was taken by Jock Houston and he took the club out to many competitions in and around Edinburgh. He also played basketball to avoid going out onto the rugby field. His overall best moment at Hawick High School was when his Physics teachers took Douglas to a lecture in Edinburgh by Professor Malcolm Longair about cosmology which really inspired him to become a cosmologist. After Hawick High School he attended Edinburgh University gaining a B.Sc. and then Cambridge Universiy where he obtained a Ph.D. He is now a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia and also researches cosmology. Douglas has always had a great love for Hawick and he has published the online Hawick Word Book which he updates almost everyday! He was really chuffed to be Chief Guest at Hawick Common Riding in 2012.

By Orla Presslie