Robert Kedie

Robert Kedie  was born in Hawick  on the 16th of  March 1844.   He attended Hawick Grammar School. He was raised by his uncle, both his parents having died while he was a young child. William Kedie was a prominent merchant in the town and Robert served as his apprentice for 4 years after leaving school. Two years later Robert entered the employment of Stewart & McDonald, moving to Glasgow to complete his business training. To the great regret but full consent of his uncle he decided to stay there and gradually worked his way up the business until he was in charge of the whole operation. It became very successful and made new departures in the clothing manufacturing business. The company  had many stores and employed over  two thousand people. In 1877 he married a daughter of the late Mr. William Forsyth, and had two daughters and a son. He died on  27th February 1915.

By Charles Wilson