John Beattie McCombe

John Beattie McCombe, better known as Jake,  was born on the 10th of May, 1930, the son of James and Margaret McCombe and a brother to James, Elizabeth, George and David.

He attended Hawick High School Primary and one of his special memories is when Miss Littlejohn gave the class a bar of Devon toffee for the best pupil every week.

From 1942 until 1944, John attended Hawick High School. His favourite teacher was Jessie Harper who was a PT teacher and his favourite subject was Geography because he was interested in the subject. The High School inspired Jake to do well in life.

His ambition when he was a child was to be self- employed. He achieved this as a repairer of electrical appliances.

He  first  became interested in archery at the Game Fair at Williestruther. During his archery career Jake  was Scottish, European and World Champion. His main hobby nowadays is snooker.

By Rachel Goldie