William Norman Kennedy

William Norman Kennedy was born in 1821. He was Inspector of the Poor for 15 years. In this capacity many Hawick people looked upon him as a friend and he relieved many families. A founder of Hawick Archaeological Society, he was their first official member. He lived at Stonefield cottage. His mother, Lucille Hervieu, was French. He married Matilda Cox. Robert Murray in his “Hawick Songs and Song-writers” described him as ”one of the most popular poets in Hawick, Though Mr Kennedy was best known as an archaeologist, he had a strong vein of poetry, which, blended with a genial humour, used to set his jovial companions in a roar of laughter”.  He passed away in 1865 due to catching a fever from a sick pauper he had been visiting. He is buried in the Wellogate Cemetery.