Emma Gray

Emma Gray is a shepherdess who was brought up at Muirfield farm near Hawick from where she attended Hawick High School where her favourite teacher was Mr Houston, the History teacher.

Although the youngest shepherdess in the country she is highly successful A owning 10 Border Collies, not to mention 110 Sheep and 6 Cows. She was born in 1986 and her mother and father are called Helen and Richard. Emma says that she loves her job as a Shepherdess but if it didnt work out, she could see herself as a Paramedic.

Emma says her role models are strong single minded women who make their own decisions in life. Emma has written a best selling book called, One Girl and her Dogs and has appeared on television most famously with Alan Titchmarsh and Robson Green demonstrating her shepherding skills across the nation.

She was in a very dangerous quad bike accident which could have left her paralysed. She said she can remember the bike rearing up in front of her, blocking the sun and then thinking, “This is going to hurt”!